Monday, December 1, 2014

Pappardelle With Fresh Tomato Sauce

So, i made this recipe a few weeks ago and it's fantastic.
I really really love pasta and i always curious about 'How to make the perfect pasta' or 'What kind of pasta should i make today?'
I'm not making Pasta everyday but my love for pasta is beyond compare.

I checked a lot of recipes about how to make pasta from scratch and most of them using Semolina flour and unlucky for me we rarely have that kind of flour here in Indonesia. Idk, it's so hard to find anything here in this tropical country, someone should start selling things like this instead of corrupting our money!!! (Yeah i'm talking to you government!)

Then one day i found a perfect simple and easy basic pasta recipe from The Chiappa Sister on Youtube. It was amazing let me tell you, so easy, so simple and i can make it everyday without doubting it. Of course someday when i be able to buy semolina flour, i'll try to make another basic pasta recipe but this one...ooohhh this one is awesome!

You guys can check the video recipe here .

Basic Fresh Pasta by The Chiappas :

Ingredients : 
100 gr of Flour
1 Egg
a pinch of Salt

Simple eh?This could make one portion of pasta, enough to fill your empty stomach with delicious Pasta!!

Directions :
Pour the flour and the salt in a clean table (or if you want to do it in a bowl, that's okay) and make a hole in the middle, like a volcano mountain! Then pour the egg, mix the egg with fork untill it's sort of combine a lil bit. Then you start to mix everything's up with your bare hand (It's a mess but who cares, it's fun!!) and knead it until well combine. Don't add any more flour because it'll make the pasta hard and not a good thing to eat hard pasta.

Just so you know, you must wrap the dough with a plastic wrap if you not using it yet, because it'll make the pasta dough like sort of dense and the color will change. So wrap it and put it in your refrigerator!

So i made Pappardelle from the dough, the easiest way because my pasta machine's broken so i need to rolled it with a rolling pin and getting tired but made my muscle stronger ;p (Seriously, cooking is actually an exercise)

So after you roll your pasta dough (a very thin layer, like the size of paper) you need to like fold and roll it like when you roll a cinnamon buns and then slice it for like 3 cm per slice, and finally you open the rolled dough and voila, you've already make beautiful Pappardelle.

So i cooked my pasta in a big pan filled with boiling water and salt and a lil bit of vegetable oil for 8-10 minutes.

Fresh Tomato Sauce : This Tomato Sauce is my original recipe, because i loooove making tomato sauce and i tried many times to get the exact flavor as i always wanted.

Ingredients :

2 Fresh Tomato
2 Tbs of Olive Oil
1 Onion, Chopped
1 Garlic, Chopped
2 Tbs of Pasta Water
1/2 Tbs of Sugar
Fresh Basil, Chopped
1/3 Cup of Tomato Sauce
3 Tbs of Chilli Sauce (if you like it spicier, you can add more chili sauce and add chilli papper)
Grated Cheddar / Parmesan Cheese

Directions :
First you need to bring the Tomatoes to a boil, and peel the skin off, then mashed the tomato and don't forget to leave the chunk, it'll bring the flavor.

Heat the pan in a medium heat and add Olive Oil.
Add the Onion and stir untill brown, then add the garlic (you add the garlic after the onion because garlic burn so quick), then add the Tomato Chunks and add salt and papper. Add the water and wait untill the mixture come out bubbling.

After you see the bubbles, add the tomato sauce + chilli sauce, stir it. Then you add the sugar and the oregano and stir it again (It's all about stiring, another exercise!!!).

Turn off the heat and add some Chopped Fresh Basil, stir a lil bit and's done.

Now add the Pasta to the pan with the sauce, stir it with Food Tongs and add grated cheese.

So easy, So delicious...i'm dying...and now hungry.

Let me know if you guys have another version of sauce with Pappardelle ;)



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