Monday, December 1, 2014

Hello Again World!

Ooooh, it's so nice to be able to write another post on blog. Since i dumped my two blogs before. Oke first i need to confirm to all the people in the world that i'm Allysa the girl who used to write a blog on and !!

I've got a problem with my account on my first blog (the 5 years old blog :'( ) and unfortunately i can't get my account, idk was someone hack it or not or it's just my mistake that i didn't realize. For the second blog i use tumblr, but since i actually have my personal tumblr account, i kinda does not really comfortable write things like a BLOG thing on tumblr...tumblr is just for fun for i decided to make another blog with and here i am with my new tittle, new perspectief, new life, and the same passion with cooking.

I have a plan to mix this blog as my diary because i realized that i love sharing thoughts with people on social media and i think people on my twitter and facebook are basically tired with me updating my status, arguing about things, sharing caused, etc. I'm also gonna write more recipes or just sharing my food pictures to make you all go crazy and hungry.

I'M A LAZY BLOGGER, well most people know that. But i'll try my best because well you know i actually love writing but everytime i open my laptop, internet calling me to rub him in the chest and read his eyes (okay thats pretty disgusting)...oh By the Internet i mean 9GAG hahahahaha.
So...Wish me luck to once again become a blogger. I miss blog so much...i miss my reader so much...i miss those people who i followed years ago (they become pretty famous now)...i miss my life here.

Catch to you latter guys >.<



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