Diary of Mind ; 1

12:58:00 AM

So, now i'm not into writing about food. Well yeah that's impossible but i'm serious,  i want to talk about my life quite a while. That's why i named the tittle "Diary of Mind;1" it'll go on and on and on :D

I'm a very expressive person on the Social Media and that's why my twitter has 70.000 more tweets in the past 4 years and i have blogs, a facebook, i even have google account, and another social media account that has been forgotten. But in real life, i'm so...hmmm what's the propper word to say about it....like...hmmm... i'm not shy but i don't like to express my feelings towards people.

Sometimes i thought Human irritates me like VERY MUCH. I don't like going outside, i don't like crowded place, i'm so nervous to talk with people (even i know em), i get anxiety and panic when i'm in a place that i don't know (even if i go with someone i know). Oh and the funny part is that i don't like talking through phone. I HATE IT....i don't like it because that's the time when people realized that i have annoying voice >.<

I know it sounds riddiculous...Even my crush didn't buy it. Most of the people who knows me, they see me as a very fun girl, a charming (yes i'm not lying) one and so cheerfull like they see me smiling everyday. So when i acted like i'm the most saddest person in the world...they just like 'naah...you are overreacted'

But maybe that's the point of my life...I'm a happy person but loner at the same time. It feels like living in heaven but still can feel the air of hell under it. Deep down i want people to understand this kind of feeling, but maybe they have their own problems so this isn't a thing to be worried about.
 I get it...it's okay...i'll find a way to fix my personality and will get better and better in the future.

So that's just it...the only thought that crossed my mind and i feels like i need to share it on blog.

I'll post more about food and recipes soon >.<
*now i kinda in the middle of exams and last assignments, so it's so stressfull and please pray for me!

Bye Guys...Nighty Night


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