Thursday, December 18, 2014


Who doesn't love Berries?Oh maybe some people doesn't but not me of course.

I really love berries since i was a little annoying girl. My first love was Strawberry, i saw it on my picture book for child. The strawberries were on the top of a birthday cake...Loved it...felt so hungry all of sudden.
Then i gained my knowledges on berries, started to know more about blueberry, raspberry, mulberry...

My mom's also in love with berries, she plants strawberries and actually have a lot of em. She began planting blueberry a few weeks ago. She bought the tree and take care of it like it's her little baby.
This morning my mom's picked her precious berries from her little hydrophonic since i looooooooove berries and i'm starting to eat healthy (to make my abs flat, seriously my abs is not tempting) mom let me ate those berries and she even let me picked mint leaves from her garden too!!!

Freakishly tempting right????So delicious and healthy...latter i made a juice of it...simply just mix all of the berries with the mint leaves and add 2 cubes of ice, 2 tbs of sugar and you can add plain yogurt to it...IT'S SO DELICIOUS :9

Summer Fruit in a Rainy Day....why not????



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