Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Hope is Around the Corner, Somewhere..

Hope is Around the Corner, Somewhere..

"But I know there's sunshine beyond that rain. I know there's good times beyond that pain. Hey, can you tell me how I can make a change?" - Justin Bieber

Everyone's dream is to become a good person and if it's otherwise, then let's hope there's still a tiny hope somewhere inside their hearts.

Most of religions 101 classes are filled with the posters that tells people to do good deeds. Yet some of the students are taking the risk to do the other way around. And sometimes in the name of the religions itself. Making it looks bad and create another bigger problem which r distrust, phobia, war and fear.

I wish i know a bit more than i knew, so i can talk about it...precisely.

With what happens with our world these days, all the bad things, the pain we suffered, unjustice, the silenced mouth, a child whose life has been taken away, cyber wars, civil wars, a mother who cry everyday because she can't see her child anymore, rape, homicide....i lost count.

Being a good person is enough and kinda easy they said, but in one have the ability to stop being mean. Even if we can...we don't know where to start. I don't think we deserved to be called "Human" as we have no humanity inside our heart. Even the animals are better than us.
Hope is Around the Corner, Somewhere..

I'm in searching for the meaning of life. I don't think every words i spoke are good enough to change the world, to give even a tiny bit impact. I don't think things that i did could change people's perspective. I don't think my prayers are enough to heal a broken hearted one.

It's frustrating...really..Negativity always win to this day. No matter how much positive stuffs are going around the world because at the end, someone will always shattered your heart into pieces. Yes, i'm that frustrated.

Still....i know hope is somewhere around the corner. Which corner is the real question, that's why we can't stop searching and on the way to that corner, good deeds are important. It's the only clue we have.

What good deeds?

Instead of pointing at someone else's sins, can we find a way to end poverty?

Instead of talking bad about other people's business, can we care more about the orphans that needs family?

Instead of spreading hatred, can we be more concerned about the environment? Plastics are killing our mother nature!

Instead of wasting our energy on negative vibe, can we speak up for those who can not?

Instead of bullying someone on the internet, can we pray for those who need it the most?

I think...nobody wants to be 60 with a rotten heart full of negativity.

I know it's hard....i know...but together we got each other's back, right? We need to find the hope and take back the humanity.

I pray for the broken-hearted.
I pray for the life not started.
I pray for all the lungs not breathing.
I pray for all the souls that need a break.
Can you give 'em one today?
- Pray, Justin Bieber -

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