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Make some Sweet Love with Cold Moo Swirls Dharmawangsa

Are you a sweet-tooth kinda guy? Because when you are, you can join my club of “People who can not get over desserts!” And if you don’t, you might want to consider reading this post, change your mind and just join our club.

I’m so into desserts that I learned how to bake back in 2011. Whenever I want a cake or any kind of desserts, I just simply go into my kitchen and make one. But still, buying desserts is more efficient than making it in my opinion, hehe.

When I was a little girl, one of my biggest dream was to eat a lot of ice cream. Why? Well it’s just because ice cream makes me happy. I still dreaming about that tho, but I’m just pretty realistic nowadays because too much ice cream can make my brain go freeze for hours. But srsly, who doesn’t feel happy when it comes to eating your favorite ice cream?

Make some Sweet Love with Cold Moo

That’s how Ali felt when she decided to create Cold Moo with her partner Nick. They are so into desserts, they left their job and find happiness inside their creations at Cold Moo. After spent their life in the USA, Nick decided to move back to his homeland, Indonesia (aka here) and brought Ali as well so they could start their business.
Make some Sweet Love with Cold Moo - Ali and Nick
The wizards behind Cold Moo

Before opening the official Cold-Moo store at Palapas, Dharmawangsa, Cold Moo was already sold their signature chewy chocolate chip cookies and banana regal cream pudding on the Instagram. I was one of the few people that already knew them from Instagram. 

Once I saw my husband’s friend put a picture of Cold Moo’s cookie on her InstaStory and wrote “this is delicious!” (well sorta, I actually don’t really remember the exact words, hehehe). As the number one fan of chocolate chip cookie and other desserts, I immediately kepo-ing (this isn’t even a word, but I love making up words) Cold-Moo’s Instagram and DANG IT!!! I WANT THIS RIGHT NOW HOW CAN I GET THEM CAN SOMEBODY EXPLAIN TO ME HOW???

Long story short, me and my husband were on our way to a relative, we got tired of our own journey (dude Parung-Bekasi is no easy!) so we decided to stop by Tuku and grab our favorite Es Kopi Susu Tetangga. While he slurped on his coffee, I gave him an idea “HEY HONEY. Why don’t we go to Cold-Moo? I’m so curious, you know how much I love cookie right?”. I’m glad that he was agreed with my random idea, so we went to Dharmawangsa right away.
Make some Sweet Love with Cold Moo - Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie

It’s not that hard to find the store, some of you might remember that I wrote a post about a gelato store at Palapas called Onder de Boom? Yeahhhhh COLD MOO is replacing that store, so goodbye Onder de Boom and welcome my new favorite store.

I never been to New York, but I wish I could…someday. Why’d I wanna go to New York? Because there are so many beautiful bakery and dessert stores. Not that sophisticated stores, but really simple and homey. My interest in baking is so huge that’s why one of my biggest dream is to visit Momomilk Cake store by Christina Tosi, DC Cupcakes, Magnolia Bakery and probably Buddy Valastro Cake in Hoboken.

I can not (yet) afford for a trip to New York, but a visit to Cold Moo was more than enough for a start. Cold Moo’s store is exactly how I imagined those NY’s dessert stores looks like. The owners, Ali and Nick welcomed us with an unexpected English-American accent. “Wooohh Bule nih yang punya?” that’s what I thought that time hehe.

Me and Izul decided to order their new menu that is not available for delivery, Cold-Moo Swirls (38k). It’s a sweet milk-based ice cream served with many flavours. If you prefer some cereal flavours, then order the milk & cereal swirls for 35k only.  I ordered Berry-o (sweet milk, strawberries with oreo) and Izul put his eyes on Cookie-d'oh. While Ali made the ice creams, we had the most interesting conversations with both of them.
Make some Sweet Love with Cold Moo - Berry-o Swirl
Berry-o Swirl

Ali told us that she didn’t really like her old job. She used to bring bad news to the patients and it was so depressing to be around so many negativity. Her story really remind me of mine itself. I kind hated my job (the first and the second). Well at first I liked it, but from time to time, I can not hold it anymore. Writing for the sake of company. Lied to people over the taste of a food from the clients. Writing for the sake of numbers. No one even care of what you’ve wrote, what matters was VIRAL CONTENTS and so.

I’m happy now with my blog and books, and Ali also find her happiness with Cold Moo. She turned the situations upside down. No more bad news, spreading positivity via DESSERTS is the life time goal!
Make some Sweet Love with Cold Moo - Cookie D'oh
Cookie D'oh Swirl

To this day, my tongue is till able to feel the taste of Cold-Moo Swirls. The first bite has brought me to a place where I could see Totoro, Ariel (the Little Mermaid), Aslan from Narnia, Peter Rabbit, Winnie the Pooh and all of my childhood’s favorite characters gather around to remind me that happiness still exist even tho I’m a grown ass woman. The sweetness from it was like a good night kiss that I got from mama a long time ago.

You probably will expect the oreo will look a lot like Mcflurry but noooo, it’s not, dear. They put the oreo crunchs along with the ice cream based on the froyo machine (the machine is so gangsta I wanna put it inside my room) and it came out as one big doll-op of pleasureness.

Make some Sweet Love with Cold Moo

At first, my expectation was that Berry-O flavour will give me a sweet-tangy berry taste, just like a berry froyo. But it wasn’t and yes it’s for the best. They want to emphasized the flavour of the milk without ruining the guest stars. You want a cup of sweet strawberry milk right? You don’t want a very sour one because sour milk is not good. If you want a sour berry, milk based dessert, then go for a frozen yogurt. It’s simple.

Cold-Moo Swirl is not easily melt but it definitely will melt in your mouth since the first spoon. What a perfect treat for summer, and yippeeeyyy summer is coming to Jakarta very soon.

I also bought the Signature Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie (20k) and ate it on the way home. It’s not overly sweet because you can actually taste the salt to balanced the flavour (if you have an absolute taste like me, it’ll be easier) and ohhh how I love the chewiness of it. The only thing that kinda bother me was that the cookie is too soft it’ll crumble apart when you eat it. It’s a matter of personal taste tho, I still like the cookie. It’s just that I don’t think I want to dunk it to a glass of milk.

Writing about Cold Moo make me happy already, soon I’ll be back and try another treats. I wish them all the best and hope they’ll bring more happiness to this crazy city called Jakarta, hehe. Adiosssss amigooosss x siempreeeee~

Cold Moo | Jl. Dharmawangsa Raya No.8A, Jakarta (Palapas)
Wednesday - Sunday | 10am - 9pm (mostly)



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