Saturday, February 21, 2015

Finding a Job and Getting Serious with the whole Photography Things

Yes, my tittle is so long, no, i'm not sorry for it!
The truth is i'm just finding a job like crazy for like a month....oh yeah....i'm sure you're all thinking "What the hell?Just a month?I've been finding a job for like years!!!" Heheheh so now i'm sorry...unless you are an employee oh well NOT SORRY FOR YOU!

The thing is, it is so hard to find a job that is match for my passion. You know how much i love to write about culinary, something funny, sometimes sarcasm. Here in my world, many of those huge companies are seeking for fresh graduate economic students, or a graphic designer, or a business man or any of those fancy majors...I wish i was an economic student T.T

Never mind, it just an opening line...or pharagraphs, whateeeevs~
So at this momentooooos, i'm doing great with the whole Photography things, just food...Food photography. I'm not saying that i'm GOOD at it, but it's better than capturing every food picture with bad colors and it's actually a pie but people thinking it's a chicken cutlet....a burnt chicken cutlet!!!! (Chicken cutlet actually remind me of Nicki Minaj)

I really loooooooooooooooove uploading my photographs to Instagram !! Well, before i got my own smartphone (i used a very old fashioned phone for like years) i used to be that girl who mocked people who uploaded their food into instagram or so...yeah yeah you can judge me...i don't mind. Being a foodies (a person who taking pictures of their food and then end up eating a cold food instead) is so much fun....F.U.N!!!
At first i knew nothing about food photography, and now i know one two things like "DAMN IT ALLYSA, SHOOT IT ON 7-9 IN THE MORNING OR 3-4 IN THE NOON OR NO GOOD LIGHTS FOR YOUR DELICIOUS HOMEMADE COOKS!"

Not all of em were good, i still have those bad picts, bad presentations, and sometimes bad lights because i still have no idea how to use a white box or something with alumunium foil for good light effect or so...ahh i don't know, i still have more things to learn and i ain't gonna stop.

Like some random picture i found on google to make me feel better says

  "The only way to do great work is to love what you do!"

Great isn't?
Yeah that words are hanging around my head for days, makes me want to write another post to interpret it, but noooo...i'm no good at it even i go to literature college, it's no fun there OKAY!

Sooo, since i became a foodies, there are some people who...hmmm let's just say give me compliments or critiques, one of them was GORDON RAMSAY. That mean chef but i considered myself to go outside and find a husband like him....but younger.
Okay that happened a few months ago....when i uploaded my pie picture on twitter and mentioned him and he replied that fast said "Pastry uneven but not bad!"

Well i know he might be said that because he felt bad about my ugly pie crust but who cares???? It's just so good to have your fav. chef all time criticize you even maybe when he sees my pie crust directly he'll throw it on my face but once again, WHO CARES?
Oh yeah i recently got a compliment from famous Food Blogger from Brunei, Thanis Lim.

The best part is all the compliments and critique from my friends, makes me happy and wanting to learn more. I can't stop...I will never stop :D

Maybe soon i'll get a job in my field, so i could work happily, no pressure, enjoy it like i enjoy picking my nose >.< ok that's disgusting.

Oh well i will post another recipe next time...i wish it'll be tomorrow, because i just can't wait to start to write another interesting post.

See you and have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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