Thursday, May 12, 2016

A Day in Life : My Life, My Dream and What I Write

"The blog is certainly another tool for writers out there to break their way in. But being a blogger does not make you a great writer." - Julie Powell.

It’s been forever since I write something that means a lot to me. I’ve been busy with work, life and another stuff that has no connection with my love of writing. If I tell you about my job, that will be the lamest stuff I’ve ever write, but maybe some of you would like to know what am I doing for living.

I was the editor of Foody Indonesia –a restaurant directory website based in Vietnam. I wasn’t happy with my job as an editor because I didn’t fit in it, then after a very long discussion, they transferred (is this the right word?) me to another division, Marketing. 

In marketing team, my job is to manage articles for the website. Either I write it by myself or edit(ing) every articles our part timers have written. But why articles? Well, I guess my leader saw my potention in writing, so she asked me to manage it plus the Email Marketing.

A Day in Life : My Life, My Dream and What I Write

I love my job…come to one restaurant to another restaurant (we called it Culinary Trip), taking pictures of their food, eat it, taste it, and write it. Well it’s so fun until I forgot how to write with heart. Don’t get me wrong, I actually kinda love my job but when you’re starting to get sick of what you love, you need to do something to feed it so it’ll stay healthy.

After months of searching and investigating, got thru all depressing stuff, finally…. I found out that the only thing I need to do is to write more. Write in my free time, write about my thoughts, write some letters to every people I love. 

Thank God I knew what I wanted to do long before anyone else can even find their own. I want to be a food writer. Not only a nowadays food blogger, not a girl who work 9 hours in front of the computer and force her head to write stuff she didn’t even understand.

I was born to tell people the art of food. The art of eating, the art of cooking. How people should love what they eat. How people should understand every flavor that come from those beautiful pieces of ingredients. And I don’t want to lose it. I don’t want to lose the passion and the love and the purpose of me living in this world.

I really miss those days where I could sit, write stories, even I used to love writing with book and pen. I also miss cooking and baking (I rarely do that nowadays) I should do it…no…


A Day in Life : My Life, My Dream and What I Write - Myself

Let’s find the lost meaning of my life, Allysa! You can be the next Julie Powell tho, hehehe.

So good luck for me ^^



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